Anna Hopkin, in Tokyo, on how she “rekindled her love” for swimming

As the countdown to the revamped Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games draws closer and closer, our focus is on the English athletes heading to Japan.

Anna Hopkin praised club swimming for “rekindling her love” for the sport ahead of her Olympic debut.

The 25-year-old sprint specialist took away from competitive swimming for several years and previously explained how her Blackburn Centurions coach Lee Orrell “helped her enjoy the sport again.”

“I was a pretty competitive swimmer when I was younger, then I took a break from swimming.

“Then I joined the Blackburn Centurions when I was back to swimming and my trainer there Lee got me into boxing, got me in the gym and sprinting up. for the first time and loved it. It rekindled my love for him.

  • Date of Birth: 04/24/1996
  • Club: Loughborough National Center
  • Olympic record: Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games

Speaking on her next trip to Tokyo, she said, “It’s starting to get exciting now, especially to gear up – it’s all getting very real. We are in the last “stretch” of the workout before starting the reduction. “

The Loughborough National Center athlete plans to “enjoy” some of the Olympic experience and says the fun gets him to perform at his best in the pool.

“I think for me it’s just about going out and making the most of the opportunity, enjoying the experience and hoping to pass the heats and sign up for some stints and enjoy because I think that’s how I do my best. representations.

“I think I’ve been very consistent this season. I’ve been close to my best whether I’m not rested or not so that’s a good sign for Tokyo as I’m obviously hoping to do my best times so hopefully doing some PB there.

“Aim high and enjoy the sport”

As someone who has reached the pinnacle of her sport, Anna’s advice to young swimmers is to “aim high, enjoy the process and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

“You just have to aim high – if the Olympics is the goal, then that’s an amazing goal to have. Enjoy the process, don’t try to be the best you’re going to be right now, ”she said.

“You have a lot of time in the sport to enjoy it and sometimes putting too much pressure and expectations right now can almost ruin that a bit.

“Clubs are a great environment to thrive and enjoy the present moment without putting too much pressure on the future”

“Encouraged to join a club”

Having started learning to swim at the age of six, Anna is a veteran of the sport who has experienced all levels of swimming.

“My teacher noticed that I had a bit of a talent for swimming, so encouraged me to join a more competitive club.”

Anna then moved to her first club, Chorley Marlins, where she got her first taste of competition by doing micro-leagues.

She praised the club’s environment and encouraged everyone who is not involved in the sport to do so.

“I think it’s good to do a lot of sports when you’re younger and I definitely did a lot of sports and swimming was the one I loved and found that I wanted to take it more seriously.

“It’s good to try a lot of sports, not to put too much pressure on a young age and the clubs are so great for that – doing little competitions is just great for all the kids out there.” participate.

“Obviously, as you get older you have to take it [swimming] much more seriously but at this club level, it is about having fun, learning the technicalities of the sport and the shots.

“At the end of the day, you’re there to enjoy it and to meet people and I think the clubs create a very good environment for that.”

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