Naomi Osaka lights the torch at the doomed Tokyo Olympics

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The postponed Tokyo Olympic Games has been damn by absurd decisions of the organizer, crawling shots, and the rumors of anti-sex beds that are not actually anti-sex beds. Oh, and there’s always a state of emergency in Japan due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hey, at least Naomi Osaka is here to bless everyone with her presence!

I was partially delighted to learn that the Olympics opening ceremony featured music from popular Japanese RPG video games, like some of my favorites: the trigger of a stopwatch, Nier Automata, and larger public rate like Super Mario and THE Legend of Zelda. But the The main event was Naomi Osaka’s lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, which is an aesthetically fascist tradition dating back to 1928 but solidified in 1936 at the Berlin Summer Olympics, better known as the Nazi Olympics. No shade in Osaka, however, whose her appearance at the ceremony comes after she spoke out against press harassment and racism in the tennis establishment earlier this year.

The lighting of the cauldron was a bright spot in a ceremony already overshadowed by the announcement of massive layoffs among Olympic organizing staff, for reasons ranging from bullying to sexism to “comedy skits” poking fun at the Holocaust. And, you know, the pandemic

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