Tango Gameworks is already developing its next game after Ghostwire: Tokyo

As fans continue to wait for the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks, studio founder Shinji Mikami has revealed that another new title is already in the works, and it’s being led by the director of Evil Within 2.

Mikami appeared in a video with Xbox boss Phil Spencer as part of The Microsoft Live Event during the first day of the Tokyo Game Show and hinted at a new title, claiming that John Johanas, director of The Evil Within 2, was working on it.

Mikami mentioned Johanas when Spencer urged him to talk about Tango Gameworks’ philosophy of nurturing young new talent: “Right now John is aggressively working on a new game,” Mikami told Spencer.

Mikami didn’t give any further clues as to what kind of game Johanas might be working on. Due to Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax Media and its studios last year, the title Johanas is working hard on is likely to be developed with Xbox platforms in mind.

Johanas has been with Tango Gameworks since August 2010 and was the visual effects designer for the 2014 survival horror title The Evil Within. Johanas served as director of the game’s two DLC offerings.

He then picked up the baton from Mikami and directed The Evil Within 2. Enduring both the pressure of building on the franchise and taking the reins of a survival horror legend from Mikami, Johanas helped to deliver an experience that elicited overwhelmingly positive reactions from critics and gamers alike when it was released in 2017.

Mikami has mentioned in previous interviews that part of the reason he hired Johanas to helm The Evil Within 2 was because the veteran game designer sees Tango Gameworks as a place to nurture talent and empower young people. creatives a chance to spread their wings and succeed.

Mikami has had a long career in the company and has rewarded it by providing opportunities for young talent like Johanas and giving them the space and freedom to create and come up with new ideas.

Spencer also alluded to this during their TGS conversation: “One of the things you and I talked about was the importance of young people in our industry, bringing new voices to our creative teams and hearing from a new generation of creators. “. Spencer said.

Rather than letting the young creatives wait their turn, Mikami gives some of them a chance and the space to create by providing opportunities as early as possible. He mentioned this philosophy again during his interview with Spencer during the TGS presentation: “As a studio that tries to give young people great opportunities, we always take up the challenge of making new games.”

Spencer asked Mikami about the young talent within his studio and in addition to naming Johanas, Mikami also mentioned Kenji Kimura, the director of the upcoming GhostWire: Tokyo. “He’s a young designer who works hard and does his best as a director,” Mikami said. “He really has a lot of abilities.”

Ikumi Nakamura is another example. Nakamura joined Mikami at Tango Gameworks in 2010 and worked on both The Evil Within and its sequel. His energetic presentation at E3 2019 as part of the Ghostwire: Tokyo team has gone viral on social media. Nakamura has since left the company and runs his own independent studio.

While Johanas’ project will likely remain under wraps for some time, Ghostwire: Tokyo, which Kimura is leading, has experienced a delay and is slated for release on PlayStation 5, where it will be a limited console exclusive, and PC in 2022.

Jason Coskrey is a Tokyo-based writer. Find him on Twitter at @JCoskrey.

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