UK secures market access to Japan for poultry meat exports

The UK has gained access to the Japanese market for UK poultry meat imports, opening up new opportunities for UK farmers, producers and exporters in the world’s third-largest economy. The deal is valued at £ 13million per year by the industry.

Japan is internationally recognized for its strict food safety and import control regime, as well as its taste for varied and high-quality cuts of meat. The opening up of this market for fresh and cooked British poultry products demonstrates the high standards of British poultry production methods.

With the increase in poultry consumption in Japan and the focus on new reliable and attractive products, this market is now on the way to becoming an important and promising new target for UK poultry meat exporters.

Victoria Prentis, Minister of Food, said:

Our high quality poultry with its exceptional flavor is recognized around the world, as are the high standards of food safety and animal welfare demonstrated by farmers and producers across the UK.

The Japanese market will now be able to benefit more from our unique products, adding to an already diverse collection of British food products, such as pork, beef and lamb, already available to its customers.

We are working hard to open up new markets for our food businesses, and this is a significant opportunity for the UK poultry industry.

The market opening follows a series of complex negotiations over the past four years between UK and Japanese authorities to agree specific animal health requirements. The benefits of this development will be felt throughout the supply chain across the UK and will open up new opportunities for UK farmers.

Ranil Jayawardena, Minister of International Trade, said:

This is great news for farmers and food producers across the UK who can now take advantage of this new market and export poultry meat for the first time to Japan, the world’s third largest economy.

Today’s announcement builds on our trade deal with Japan, which secured further victories for our successful agribusiness industry and boosted trade between our two countries, which amounted to more than $ 24 billion. pounds sterling in 2020 alone.

This is Global Britain at work, opening doors to new markets for our large UK companies, removing unnecessary barriers to trade and creating new opportunities in all parts of the UK.

UK Deputy Chief Veterinarian Dr Richard Irvine said:

This represents a major achievement for the UK poultry meat industry, offering UK exporters the opportunity to further tap foreign demand for their poultry meat.

This is another positive step towards strengthening the UK’s trade relationship with Japan, in addition to existing agreements that allow the export of pork, beef and lamb from the UK.

Katie Doherty, CEO of the International Meat Trade Association, said:

We are delighted to hear that the UK is getting export market access for poultry meat to Japan. The announcement means that IMTA members and other UK exporters can take advantage of tariff reductions provided by the UK-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. The agreement reduces tariffs on frozen chicken cuts from an average of 10% to zero over a number of years. Without the market access that Defra negotiated, UK exporters would not have been able to benefit from these tariff cuts that the government has been striving to achieve.

This could not have been achieved without the hard work of officials and government, in partnership with the UK poultry industry, which is why our sincere thanks go to everyone involved. We look forward to continuing to work on opening up new markets for UK exporters.

British Poultry Council Managing Director Richard Griffiths said:

The British Poultry Council welcomes the exciting news of UK export market access for poultry meat to Japan, the world’s third largest economy. Our industry has worked closely with government to open doors and create new opportunities for UK poultry meat companies producing safe, affordable and nutritious food that meets world-class standards. We look forward to continuing to seek new markets to continue to put British poultry meat on all tables around the world.

In October 2020, the United Kingdom and Japan signed the United Kingdom-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), and the agreement is now in force.

The deal ensures that UK businesses could benefit from duty-free trade on 99% of UK merchandise exports to Japan after a number of years. Government analysis shows that a deal with Japan could boost the UK economy by £ 1.5bn and raise UK workers’ wages by £ 800m in the long run, compared to a situation in which the UK has no agreement with Japan.

The Open Doors campaign is an attractive new program of trade promotion activities which will encourage UK businesses to open new doors to international opportunities as the UK charts its course as an independent trading nation.

Animal Health Requirements Agreement (AHR) between Defra and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (JMAFF) for the export of fresh and cooked poultry meat was reached in April 2021 .

Discussions were led by Defra with the support of the British Embassy in Tokyo and in close collaboration with the International Meat Trade Association (IMTA) and the British Poultry Council (BPC).

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